Welcome to Cookstown Rotary Club

Rotary is a worldwide movement of professional men and women committed to helping others regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or colour. 

There has been a Rotary presence in Cookstown since 1971 and this website gives information about Cookstown, the work of Rotary in Cookstown and the world wide Rotary movement.

We normally meet Tuesday of each month at 1 pm (holidays excepted) at the Glenavon Hotel, Cookstown. Details of alternative meetings are given in the News Section or on our Facebook page.

The club's website is currently being developed and the older content can be accessed in the Archives. 

Northern Ireland has an Oxygen Therapy Centre located in the Larne area. While the primary goal of oxygen therapy is to correct alveolar and/or tissue hypoxia some patients particularly those with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) have found oxygen therapy helpful. The Mayo Clinic has provided some information on oxygen therapy.

CFC Interiors wish to help support the Oxygen Therapy Centre by arranging to act as a drop off centre for used clothes. 

If you have old clothes you don’t need please donate them to help support the running of the Centre.

Drop in your old clothes in a sealed plastic bag to any CFC Interiors Store. The clothes will be sold off to raise money for The Oxygen Therapy Centre.
Please drop clothes off at any CFC Interiors Store by the 31st August 2021

What clothes are suitable?
New/Like New Underwear
Teddy Bears

Where to drop your clothes* Please No towels, blankets, sheets or duvets covers *